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not sound

pronunciation:[ nɔt ]  
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  • not 's definition:negation of a word or group of words; "he does not speak French"; "she is not going"; "they are not friends"; "not many"; "not much"; "not at all"
  • not in Chineseadv.不。1.〔谓语、句子的否定语〕 (a)用作助动词的否定式时,常略作 n't: isn't, aren't, wasn't, weren't, haven't, hasn't, hadn't, don't , doesn't, didn't, won't , wouldn't, shan't , shouldn't, can't , mayn't, mightn't, mustn't , oughtn't, needn't, daren't, usedn't. (b) 和其他动词连用时。 古语通常放在动词之后,现代语则与 do, does 连用以示否定;〔古语〕 I know not =〔书面语〕 I do not know=〔口语〕 I don't know; 〔疑问形式〕 Is it not, Will you not, Do you not (go)?=〔口语〕 Isn't it Won't you Don't you(go)?2.〔谓语以外的词、短语、从句的否定〕 (a)〔在 Litotes (婉转反语法)及 Periphrasis (委婉语)中〕 not a few 不少。 not a little 不少。 not once or [nor] twice 不只一二次,好几次,屡次。 not reluctant 非常高兴;极乐意。 not seldom 常常。 not without some doubt 带着几分怀疑。 (b)〔用于分词不定式之前以示否定〕 I begged him not to go out. 我要求他不要出去。 N- knowing, I cannot say. 我不知道,所以说不出来。3.〔以单词用作全句的否定〕 not any=no, none. not anybody =nobody. not anyone=no one. not anything=nothing. not anywhere=nowhere. not either= neither. not ever=never. not nearly=by no means. Will he come - N- he (= No, he won't)! 他会来吗? --他不会(来)。 The French will not fight, not they. 法国人恐怕不会打,他们不会打。4.〔与 all, both 和 every 等连用,表示部分否定〕 N- everyone can succeed. 不是人人都会成功的。 All is not gold that glitters. 发亮的东西不一定都是黄金。 I don't know both. 我并非两方面都知道〔只知道一方面〕。5.〔否定的句子、动词、从句等的省略代用语〕 Is he ill - N- at all 他病了吗? --一点也没病。 Right or not, it is a fact. 不管对不对,那是事实。 Is he ill - I think not. 他是病了吗? --我想不是病。 Will it rain tomorrow - I hope not. 明天会下雨吗? --希望不会。6.〔在动词 believe, expect, fancy, fear, hope, imagine, suppose, think, trust, 副词 perhaps, probably, absolutely 等,和词组 be afraid 等后面以代表其后所否定的从句〕 I don't think it is now five o'clock yet. 我认为现在还不到五点钟。短语和例子
  • not in French:not rodm.竞赛车
not的發音,not的讀音,not怎麼讀not sound