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muse sound

pronunciation:[ mju:z ]  
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  • muse 's definition:the source of an artist''s inspiration; "Euterpe was his muse"
  • muse in Chinesen.1.【希腊神话】文艺、美术、音乐等的女神;缪斯。2.〔M- 或 m-〕 诗思,诗才;诗,诗歌;〔m-〕 〔诗〕诗人。短语和例子vi.1.沉思,默想 (on; upon)。2.呆看;细心周到地说。n.〔古语〕沉思,默想,冥想。 be lost in a muse 一味冥想。 muse (up)on a distant scene 呆看远处风景。
  • muse in French:音标:[myz]动词变位提示:muse是muser的变位形式n.f. [狩猎](鹿)开始发情近义词égérie, inspiratrice
  • muse in Russian:缪斯乐队
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