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mix sound

pronunciation:[ miks ]  
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  • mix 's definition:the act of mixing together; "paste made by a mix of flour and water"; "the mixing of sound channels in the recording studio"
  • mix in Chinesevt.(mixed, 〔古语〕mixt )1.混,混合,搀合;混合起来做。2.使结合;使结交,使交往。3.使(动物)杂交。4.混淆,混同(无形物) (with)。5.(给…)配制;调制。 mix a salad 拌沙拉。 mix wine with water = mix water in wine 用水搀酒。vi.1.混,相混合,相溶合 (in; with)。2.结合,结交,交往 (with); 亲密地来往,合得来。3.变成杂种。4.有牵连,参与 (in)。5.〔美俚〕参加殴斗[比赛](= mix it)。短语和例子n.混合;〔口语〕混杂,混乱;〔美俚〕打架;比赛。
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