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message sound

pronunciation:[ 'mesidʒ ]  
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  • message 's definition:a communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled; "he sent a three-word message"
  • message in Chinesen.1.通信;口信;问候;祝词;讯,消息,情报,电报,通报;【物理学】信息;【生物学】遗传密码单位〔表明氨基酸合成某种蛋白质时的排列顺序〕。2.〔美国〕(总统的)咨文。3.启示;教训,(预言者的)神示;要旨;寓言。4.(使者接受的)任务,使命。5.广告词句。短语和例子vt.通知,通告;发信号告知。
  • message in French:音标:[mεsaʒ ]m. 留言, 消息, 信件, 使命messagem.信息近义词commission, annonce, avis, communication, communiqué, déclaration
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