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law sound

pronunciation:[ lɔ: ]  
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  • law 's definition:the learned profession that is mastered by graduate study in a law school and that is responsible for the judicial system; "he studied law at Yale"
  • law in Chinesen.劳〔姓氏〕。n.1. 法律,法令;法典。2.法学;诉讼;司法界;律师(界),律师职务。3.(事物或科学的)法则,规律;定律,定理。 4. (生活中或各种娱乐游戏的)惯例;规则;(宗教)戒律。5.(行猎时给与所猎猎物,比赛时给与弱方的)宽让时间[距离]。6.〔美俚〕 〔the law 〕司法人员;警察;监狱看守。短语和例子vi.,vt.〔俚语〕起诉,控告。int.〔英俚〕天哪! 嗳呀!
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