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lady sound

pronunciation:[ 'leidi ]  
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  • lady 's definition:a woman of refinement; "a chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady"
  • lady in Chinesen.1.贵妇;淑女。2.〔L-〕夫人,小姐〔英国拥有某些爵位的贵族妻女的尊称〕。3.〔常 pl.〕女士(们)〔用作称呼语〕。4.女主人〔仅用于 lady of the house 一语〕;太太,小姐〔仆人对主妇的称呼〕。5.情妇;妻子;未婚妻。6.〔pl. 用作 sing.〕 女厕所 〔= ladies' room〕。7.〔用作修饰语〕女性。8.〔L-〕【宗教】圣母。9.〔L-〕女王。短语和例子
  • lady in French:音标:[ledi](复数ladies) n.f 1夫人,小姐[英国贵族妇女的尊称] 2女士
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