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knuckle sound

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  • knuckle 's definition:a joint of a finger when the fist is closed
  • knuckle in Chinesen.1.指关节,指节。2.〔通常 pl.〕铜指节套(=knuckle duster, 又称 brass knuckles)。3.(小牛、猪等的)膝关节,脚圈;肘,蹄。4.【机械工程】钩爪,关节;铰结,肘形接;【造船】船尾棱缘;【建筑】(屋顶等的)脊。短语和例子vt.用指关节打[压,碰,擦]。vi.(儿童弹玻璃弹子时)以指关节贴地 (down)。 knuckle down 1. 开始认真工作;干劲十足地干(knuckle down for an hour and finish 认真干一个小时把…干完)。2.(向…)投降 (to) (=knuckleunder)。knuckle under to sb. 〔口语〕(向某人)认输,屈服。
  • knuckle in French:knucklem.船体棱缘
knuckle的發音,knuckle的讀音,knuckle怎麼讀knuckle sound