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interface sound

pronunciation:[ 'intə(:)ˌfeis ]  
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  • interface 's definition:(chemistry) a surface forming a common boundary between two things (two objects or liquids or chemical phases)
  • interface in Chinesen.分界面,两个独立体系的相交处。vt.(-faced, -facing) 把界面缝合。vi.交流,交谈。
  • interface in French:音标:[ɛ̃tεrfas]专业辞典1. n.f.【化学】(分)界面,接触面2.n.f.【物理学】(分)界面,接触面1. n.f【电信】接口2.n.f.【计】接口,界面interfacef.分界面;界面;界线interface (eau huile, eau pétrole)油-水界面interface argile gaz泥-气界面interface d'accès入网接口interface de monte et baisse上下接口interface de transmission传输接口interface gaz huile油-气界面interface gaz liquide气-液界面interface humain machine人机接口interface programme程序接口interface périphérique外围接口interface terre mer海陆交接港
interface的發音,interface的讀音,interface怎麼讀interface sound