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incorrect sound

pronunciation:[ ˌinkə'rekt ]  
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  • incorrect 's definition:characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules; "he submitted a faulty report"; "an incorrect transcription"; the wrong side of the road"
  • incorrect in Chineseadj.1.错误的,不正确的;不妥当的。2.原稿未经妥善校正的。adv.-ly
  • incorrect in French:音标:[ɛ̃kɔrεkt]incorrect,ea. 不正确的;不按规则的不合习惯的;不合礼节的,不礼貌的;不得当的近义词défectueux, erroné, fautif, faux, inexact, mauvais, abusif, impropre, choquant, déplacé
incorrect的發音,incorrect的讀音,incorrect怎麼讀incorrect sound