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heart sound

pronunciation:[ hɑ:t ]  
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  • heart 's definition:a playing card in the major suit that has one or more red hearts on it; "he led the queen of hearts"; "hearts were trumps"
  • heart in Chinesen.1.心脏,心。2.胸,胸部;心胸,心地,心肠,胸怀。3.感情,热情,爱情;灵魂;良心。4.勇气,胆力;勇士。5.精神,气质;心境,心情。6.中心,核心;精华,要点,本质。7.意中人,情人;心爱的人,宝贝儿。8.〔主英〕(土地的)肥沃程度。9.心脏形的东西。10.【牌戏】红桃,红心;〔pl.〕一组红桃花样的纸牌;一种设法不拿到红桃的纸牌游戏。短语和例子vt.将…记在心中。 Heart a warning 记住警告。
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