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grin sound

pronunciation:[ grin ]  
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  • grin 's definition:a facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement
  • grin in Chinesen.(因苦痛或愤怒)龇牙咧嘴;露着牙齿笑。 sardonic grin冷笑。 on the (broad) grin 笑嘻嘻,露齿而笑。vi.露出牙齿 (with); 露着牙齿笑 (at)。 grin and bear it 苦笑着忍受,逆来顺受。 grin like a cheshire cat 咧着嘴傻笑。
grin的發音,grin的讀音,grin怎麼讀grin sound