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grill sound

pronunciation:[ gril ]  
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  • grill 's definition:a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate; "he cooked hamburgers on the grill"
  • grill in Chinesen.1.烤架,铁丝格子。2.炙烤的肉类食物。3.= grillroom.4.= grille. 短语和例子vt.1.(在烤架上)炙烤。2.〔美国〕使受酷热;用炙烤来折磨。3.〔美口〕(警察)严厉盘问。4.〔美橄榄球〕训练。5.用条花邮戳盖消(邮票)。vi.1.受烤,受炙。2.〔美口〕受严厉盘问。
  • grill in French:音标:[gril]n.m 同grill-room挂架;架;行李架;拷问台;饲草架;搁物架;痛苦;折磨;齿条;行云团;架子折磨;使……痛苦;加以拷问;使痛苦
grill的發音,grill的讀音,grill怎麼讀grill sound