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grenade sound

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  • grenade 's definition:a small explosive bomb thrown by hand or fired from a missile
  • grenade in Chinesen.1.手榴弹〔通常称 hand-grenade〕;枪榴弹〔又名 rifle-grenade〕。2.灭火弹;催泪弹。
  • grenade in French:音标:[grnad]动词变位提示:grenade是grenader的变位形式格林纳达[拉丁美洲]f. 石榴, 手榴弹grenadef.(果)石榴;手榴弹grenade anti sous marine深水炸弹grenade lacrymogène催泪弹grenade sous marine深水炸弹grenade à fusil枪榴弹
grenade的發音,grenade的讀音,grenade怎麼讀grenade sound