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exhaust sound

pronunciation:[ ig'zɔ:st ]  
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  • exhaust 's definition:system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged
  • exhaust in Chinesevt.1.用尽,耗尽(资源等)。2.排出(空气),抽空,空出(容器等);汲干。3.提尽(可溶解的物质)。4.使筋疲力尽,使疲惫不堪〔多用 exhaust oneself 或被动语态〕。5.彻底研究,详论。 exhaust the water of a well 把井水抽干。 exhaust oneself walking 走累。 feel quite exhausted 感到累极了。 be exhausted by disease 病得毫无力气。 be exhausted with toil 劳累不堪。vi.1.排出。2.排气。n.1.排出;抽空。2.排气装置。3.(排出的)废气。短语和例子
exhaust的發音,exhaust的讀音,exhaust怎麼讀exhaust sound