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emergency sound

pronunciation:[ i'mə:dʒnsi ]  
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  • emergency 's definition:a brake operated by hand; usually operates by mechanical linkage
  • emergency in Chinesen.突然事件;紧急情况,非常时期。 take emergency measures 采取紧急措施。 be prepared [ready] for all emergencies 以备万一。 in this emergency 在这个危急时刻。 meet emergencies 采取应急措施。 in [on] an emergency =in case of emergency 在危急时刻,万一发生事变。 rise to the emergency 有应变之才,能够应付紧急事变。
  • emergency in French:emergency紧急的
emergency的發音,emergency的讀音,emergency怎麼讀emergency sound