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dig sound

pronunciation:[ dig ]  
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  • dig 's definition:the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow; "she gave me a sharp dig in the ribs"
  • dig in Chinesevt.(dug , 〔古语〕 digged; dug, 〔古语〕 digged;digging)1.挖,掘(土),凿(井等),采掘(山芋、矿物等)。2.探究 (up; out)。3.〔口语〕(把指尖等)戳进,插进,刺入 (into; in)。4.〔美俚〕理解。5.〔美俚〕赞成;喜欢。6.〔美俚〕看,看到。vi.1.挖土;开凿,掘进,挖穿 (in; through; under)。2.探究,发掘 (for; into)。3.〔美俚〕苦学,苦干,钻研 (at)。4.〔俚语〕住。短语和例子n.〔口语〕1.一挖;一戳;一撞。2.挖苦,讽刺 (at)。3.〔美口〕刻苦钻研的学生。4.(考古的)挖掘,挖掘地点。5.〔pl.〕〔英口〕学生宿舍,单身宿舍;住处。
dig的發音,dig的讀音,dig怎麼讀dig sound