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cost sound

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  • cost in Chinesen.1.费用;代价,价格;成本。2.牺牲;损害,损失。3.〔pl.〕讼费。短语和例子vt.(cost; cost)1.值,要价(苦干);花费,需要。2.使花费,使损失,牺牲。3.估定(…的)成本。vi.花费,付代价。 It costs five dollars. 值五元,要价五元。 It cost me much labour. 费了我不少劳力。 His ambition cost him his life. 他的野心断送了自己一条命。 cost (sb.) dear(ly) 代价极大,费用极高;闯大祸,吃大亏(If you attempt it, it will cost you dear. 你试试看,一定要吃大亏的)。 cost what it may 不惜任何代价,无论代价多少;无论如何。
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