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conform sound

pronunciation:[ kən'fɔ:m ]  
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  • conform 's definition:adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions; "We must adjust to the bad economic situation"
  • conform in Chinesevt.使一致[符合];使顺应,依照(习惯);使遵照 (to)。 conform one's habits to those of the local inhabitants 使自己的习惯与当地居民相一致。vi.1.一致;遵照;依据 (to, with)。2.【宗教】遵奉国教。短语和例子n.-ability 适合,一致,顺应,相似;顺从;【地质学;地理学】(地层的)整合性。adj.-able 相似;一致,适合,依照 (to with) 遵从 (to) 【地质学;地理学】整合的。adv.-ably
conform的發音,conform的讀音,conform怎麼讀conform sound