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channel sound

pronunciation:[ 'tʃænl ]  
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  • channel 's definition:a way of selling a company''s product either directly or via distributors; "possible distribution channels are wholesalers or small retailers or retail chains or direct mailers or your own stores"
  • channel in Chinesen.1.水路,水道,渠,沟;海峡;河床,河底。2.(柱等的)槽,凹缝;【机械工程】槽铁,凹形铁。3.〔比喻〕路线,手段;媒介,脉络,系统,途径。4.【无、电】波道;电路;信道;磁道;频道。短语和例子vt.(〔英国〕-ll-)1.在…开[形成]水道;在…上凿沟[凹缝]。2.开(路),开辟(途径)。3.为…开辟途径,引导。短语和例子vi.形成水道[凹槽]。n.〔常 pl.〕【航海】突出舷侧承扣支索的铁板。
  • channel in French:频道
channel的發音,channel的讀音,channel怎麼讀channel sound