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care sound

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  • care in Chinese:CARE =Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere 美国援外合作组织。n.1.忧烦,忧念;挂念,思念;心事,牵累。2.关怀,爱护。3.管理,监督,维护,照料,看护,抚养。4.注意,留心,小心,当心;〔pl.〕需要小心的事。短语和例子vi.1.挂念,思念,忧虑,愁 (for, about)。2.看管,照管,照应,看护,抚育,监督 (for)。3.关怀;关心 (for);介意,计较,(不)管,(不)顾,(不)问(for, about)。4.〔与 for 连用〕爱好;愿意,望,欲。 care for her health 挂念她的健康。 He cares for music. 他喜欢音乐。 carefor sb.'s education 负责某人的教育。 Who cares 管它呢? a don't care condition 【计算机】自由选取条件。 That's more than I care for. 那我可无所谓[关不关心]。vt.〔方言〕介意,计较;愿意(后接不定式)。 Nobody cares what I do. 没有人管我干什么。 I don't care a bit [a damn, a button, a fig, a straw, etc.]. 〔口语〕一点儿也不在乎。 I don't care if I go. 〔口语〕去一去也好。 I should not care to be seen with him. 我不喜欢让人家看见和他在一块儿。 Will he care to come with us. 不晓得他愿不愿跟我们一块儿去。 for all I care 1. 我不管,不关我事( It may go to the devil for all I care. 无论如何我一概不管)。2.也许,或者 (It may be true for all I care. 那也许是真的)。
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