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by sound

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  • by in Chinese短语和例子adv.1.在侧,在旁,在附近。2.(搁)在一边,(放)到旁边,(存)在一旁;收着。3.(由旁边)经过,过去。4.(岁月等)流过。5.〔美口〕(请)来(访问,玩玩,谈谈等)〔与 call, come, stop 等连用〕。短语和例子adj.★通例用作 by(e)-。n.= bye. by and again 〔美国〕时时,常常。 by and by 不久以后,不一会儿(The clouds will disappear by and by. 云很快就要散了)。 by and large 全盘,总的来说,一般地说,大体上。 by far 见 far 条。 byhalf 见 half 条。 by oneself [itself] 单独,独立;独自。 by the by(e) 顺便说到。 by the way 见 way 条。
  • by in French:by passm.旁路;旁通管;溢流渠;搭桥术(血管)
by的發音,by的讀音,by怎麼讀by sound