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brain sound

pronunciation:[ brein ]  
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  • brain 's definition:that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord
  • brain in Chinesen.1.脑,〔pl.〕脑髓;〔俚语〕计算机;(导弹的)制导系统。2.〔常 pl.〕智力,智能,智慧,脑力;头脑。3.〔口语〕聪明人;〔口语〕〔pl.〕智囊,出谋划策者。短语和例子vt.1.打破〔碎〕…的脑袋。2.打…的头部。短语和例子adj.-less 没有头脑的,愚钝的,笨的。
  • brain in French:brain drain人才外流brain trust智囊团
  • brain in Korean:브레인
brain的發音,brain的讀音,brain怎麼讀brain sound