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between sound

pronunciation:[ bi'twi:n ]  
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  • between 's definition:in between; "two houses with a tree between"
  • between in Chinese短语和例子adv.当中,中间。 two windows with a door between 两扇窗户当中有一扇门。 We could not see the moon, for a cloud came between. 我们看不见月亮了,因为有云遮住。 the years between 这中间的年月。 in between 1. 在…期间;在中间;每隔… (two houses and a yard in between 两所房屋及夹在中间的院子。 I don't care if she's black, white or in between. 我不管她是黑皮肤、白皮肤,还是半黑半白)。2.挡路 (The dog got in between. 狗挡住了路)。
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