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banquet sound

pronunciation:[ 'bæŋkwit ]  
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  • banquet 's definition:a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed; "a banquet for the graduating seniors"; "the Thanksgiving feast"; "they put out quite a spread"
  • banquet in Chinesen.(通常指正式的)宴会,请客;酒席。 give [hold] a banquet 举行宴会。 a state banquet 国宴。 a regular banquet 豪华的酒席。vt.宴请,设宴招待。vi.饮宴,参加宴会;大吃大喝。
  • banquet in French:音标:[bãkε]n.m. 宴会,盛宴同义字festin近义词agapes, festin
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