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bad sound

pronunciation:[ bæd ]  
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  • bad 's definition:that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; "take the bad with the good"
  • bad in Chineseadj.(worse worst )1.坏的,恶的,歹的,不好的,不道德的。2.不正确的,错误的。3.不中用的;低劣的;拙劣的。4.不利的;有害的。5.腐败的;臭的。6.痛的,病的,不舒服的。7.使人不愉快的;懊恼的。8.严重的,厉害的。9.【法律】不成立的;空名的。短语和例子n.恶劣状态,恶;不幸,倒霉。 be in bad 〔美口〕倒楣;失宠 (with) (He is in bad with his father. 他爸爸不喜欢他了)。 (go) from bad to worse 越来越坏;每况愈下,变本加厉。 go to the bad 1. 变坏,堕落。 2. 衰败;落魄,一筹莫展。 3. 得病 (She wept at seeing her son go to the bad. 她为儿子的堕落痛哭流涕)。 to the bad 亏空,亏损,亏欠 (I am six pounds to the bad. 我亏损了六镑)。 with a bad grace 勉强地,风度不佳地(He took his defeat with a bad grace. 他对自己的失败表现得不够有风度)。adv.〔美口〕笨拙(Do you need money that bad 你那么缺钱用吗?)。bad2〔古语〕 bid 的过去式。
bad的發音,bad的讀音,bad怎麼讀bad sound