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audience sound

pronunciation:[ 'ɔ:diəns ]  
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  • audience 's definition:a conference (usually with someone important); "he had a consultation with the judge"; "he requested an audience with the king"
  • audience in Chinesen.1.听众;观众;读者。2.谒见;接见。3.倾听;听取。短语和例子
  • audience in French:音标:[odjãs]n.f. 接见,召见;公众的兴趣,庭讯,审问,审理专业辞典1. n.f【法律】开庭2.n.f.【法律】庭讯,审问,审理;法庭:~publique公开审讯~à huis clos禁止旁听的审讯ouvrir l'~开庭tenir~主持审理lever[fermer]l'~闭庭audiencef.庭讯;审理近义词attention, écoute, intérêt, entretien, entrevue, rendez-vous, assemblée, assistance, assistants , auditoire
audience的發音,audience的讀音,audience怎麼讀audience sound