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apron sound

pronunciation:[ 'eiprən ]  
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  • apron 's definition:a garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing
  • apron in Chinesen.1.围裙。2.(炮的)旋转保护罩。3.【造船】(船头的)护船木。4.【机械工程】(防护)挡板;(机床刀座下的)拖板箱。5.【地质学;地理学】冰川沉积堆。6.【戏剧】舞台幕前的突出部分,台口(= apron stage)。7.【航空】(飞机的)库前跑道,停机坪。8.〔美口〕铁丝网,伪装天幕。vt.用围裙围住。n.-ful 满满一围裙(的)东西 (an apronful of hazelnuts) 满满一围裙的榛子。
apron的發音,apron的讀音,apron怎麼讀apron sound