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admittance sound

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  • admittance 's definition:the act of admitting someone to enter; "the surgery was performed on his second admission to the clinic"
  • admittance in Chinesen.1.许可入场[入校等]。2.【建筑】通道。3.【物理学】导纳。短语和例子
  • admittance in French:专业辞典n.f.【电】导纳admittancef.导纳admittance acoustique声导纳admittance caractéristique电涌导纳admittance d'onde波导纳admittance d'électrode电极导纳admittance imaginaire电纳admittance mutuelle互导纳admittance à court circuit短路导纳admittance électronique电子导纳
admittance的發音,admittance的讀音,admittance怎麼讀admittance sound