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addition sound

pronunciation:[ ə'diʃən ]  
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  • addition 's definition:the act of adding one thing to another; "the addition of flowers created a pleasing effect"; "the addition of a leap day every four years"
  • addition in Chinesen.1.附加,追加;附加物。2.【数学】加法,加算。3.【法律】(加在姓名后的)头衔,官衔;称号。4.(建筑物的)附加部分。短语和例子
  • addition in French:音标:[adisjɔ̃]n.f. 增加,增添;增加物,添加物;[数]加法;(餐馆等的)帐单专业辞典1. n.f【化学】加成2.n.f.【化学】加成反应3.n.f.【数学】加法1. n.f【石油】叠加2.n.f.【印】旁注additionf.附加;加[法];结账;买单;添加;相加;账单addition booléenne布尔和(“或")addition photochimique光化加成addition trans反式加成addition à l'alliage添加合金近义词adjonction, somme, total, compte, douloureuse, facture, note, addenda, additif, adjonction
addition的發音,addition的讀音,addition怎麼讀addition sound