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actual sound

pronunciation:[ 'æktjuəl ]  
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  • actual 's definition:presently existing in fact and not merely potential or possible; "the predicted temperature and the actual temperature were markedly different"; "actual and imagined conditions"
  • actual in Chineseadj.现实的,实际的,真实的,现行的,现在的。 in actual existence 现存。 in actual life 在现实生活中。 the actual state 现状。n.-ist 实际家,现实家;现实论者。n.-ity 现实,现存;现实性; 〔pl.〕现状。n.-ization 实现,现实化。vt.-ize 使现实化,实行,实现。adv.-ly 1.现在,如今;实际上;真。2.竟然 (Believe it or not, he actually won. 信不信由你,他居然胜利了。)
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