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account sound

pronunciation:[ ə'kaunt ]  
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  • account 's definition:the quality of taking advantage; "she turned her writing skills to good account"
  • account in Chinesen.1.计算;账;账目;账户;计算书,账单;报告书,报表。2.说明,解释;记事,故事。3.理由,原因。4.重要性;考虑;价值;利益。短语和例子vt.认为…如何〔后接受词及补语〕。 Be much [little] accounted of 被重[轻]视。 He accounts himself well paid. 他认为自己的报酬不坏。 Account oneself happy 自以为幸福。vi.说明。
  • account in French:帐户
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