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abort sound

pronunciation:[ ə'bɔ:t ]  
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  • abort 's definition:the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed; "I wasted a year of my life working on an abort"; "he sent a short message requesting an abort due to extreme winds in the area"
  • abort in Chinesevi.1.流产,小产,堕胎。2.(计划等)失败。3.【生理】发育不全,退化。4.〔空俚〕飞行中断。vt.1.使流产。2.抑止(将发之病)。3.使(计划)夭折。
  • abort in French:专业辞典【计】失败
abort的發音,abort的讀音,abort怎麼讀abort sound