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鹰隼 sound

pinyin:[ yīngsǔn ]  
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Sound for each word
  • 鹰隼 in Chinese:yīngsǔn〈书〉鹰和隼,都捕食小鸟和别种小动物。比喻凶猛或勇猛的人。
  • 鹰隼 in English:[书面语] hawks and falcons; brutal or fierce people
  • 鹰隼 in Japanese:タカとハヤブサ.凶暴な人または勇猛な人のたとえ.
  • 鹰隼 in Korean:[명사]【문어】(1)매와 새매.(2)【비유】 흉맹(凶猛)한 사람.(3)【비유】 용맹한 사람.
  • 鹰隼 in Russian:pinyin:yīngsǔnхищник; сокол
鹰隼的發音,鹰隼的讀音,鷹隼怎麼讀鹰隼 sound