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重任 pronunciation

pinyin:[ zhòngrén ]  
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Pronunciation for each word
  • 重任 in Chinese:zhòngrèn重大的责任;重要的任务:身负~丨委以~。
  • 重任 in English:important task; heavy responsibility; important mission; important office [post]: 身负重任 be charged with important tasks; 他被委以重任。 he was given an important task
  • 重任 in French:名charge importante;lourde responsabilité肩负~assumer une lourde responsabilité
  • 重任 in Japanese:重任.重大な任務.重任在肩 jiān /身に重要な任務を帯びている.
  • 重任 in Russian:[zhòngrèn] тяжёлая [большая] ответственность
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