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p值 meaning in English

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  • p value
  • As to the other factors , thesis carries on empirical tests . using jensen model , h - m model , t - m model to come back , get corresponding t test and p value
    对于基金的择时、择券、及风险贡献三个因素,论文进行实证分析,运用jensen模型、 h - m模型、 t - m模型进行回归,得到相应的t检验及p值
  • All the formulae get by spss was significantly different from p - test ( p < 0 . 05 ) . the measured illuminations show not only they agree with calculations but also their distributions are all uniformity . the formulae get by spss is reliable
    经检验这三种光源在被照射面上的辐射照度都呈匀称分布,对测试所得数据,使用统计分析软件spss拟合得出三种光源的辐射照度经验计算公式,它们显著性检验的p值都小于0 . 05 。
  • The outcome indicates that the graded composite can effectively reduce the residual thermal stress . when the distribution p is 1 . 2 , the relaxation effect is m ost conspicuous and up to 60 % . finally , the atio5 / al2o3 functionally graded material is fabricated by the power stacking - method based on the fabrication technique and structure design discussed above
    计算结果表明,通过梯度复合可以有效地缓和梯度材料制备过程中所产生的残余热应力,当梯度材料分布指数p值为1 . 2时,热应力缓和的作用最显著,缓和效果达60 。
  • To the aged , they would like to attach more trust to their son so that they think their gain is more than loss . but in the rational perspective , the higher probability of trust to their son , the higher is the ratio of l / g that means the risk is higher . once the value of p reach to a certain level , the aged would choose other systems
    具体而言,当老人认为儿子养老的l / g值越来越大时, “儿子养老”就变得越来越不尽人意,适时降低对儿子的信任程度p值尤为必要;同时,随着农村社会经济变迁,人们养老观念的革新,其他养老交换系统不断壮大,尤其是社会养老(集体养老)的发展完善,老人对农村养老保障制度的p值大于儿子信任程度p值时,传统的养老方式将会发生根本性的变化。
  • As to bone size tested by quantitative transmission disequilibrium test , we found significant total association at the intertrochanteric region ( p = 0 . 019 ) and total hip ( p = 0 . 035 ) , whereas no significant ' results for linkage , within - family association . for the father group , significant evidence of association ( test via anova ) was found at the intertrochanteric region ( p = 0
    通过数量性状传递不平衡检测,发现ahsg基因与转子间( p = 0 . 019 )和髋部( p = 0 . 035 )的骨大小具有显著的总的关联,但没有发现连锁和家庭内的关联,在父亲群体中,通过方差分析( anova )发现该两个骨骼部位与ahsg基因具有显著的关联,转子间p值为0 . 005 ,髋部p值为0 . 010 ,但在母亲和女儿群体中没有发现关联。
  • Using the theories of probability , algebra and number theory comprehensively , we investigate a class of boolean functions with three - valued walsh spectrum in the first part of this dissertation : the properties of the extended semi - bent functions , which are constructed from any two bent functions , are studied , followed by the structure characteristics of the boolean functions satisfying propagation criterion with respect to all but two vectors ; the definition and cryptographic properties of k - order quasi - bent functions are proposed whose walsh spectrum takes on only three values . some sufficient and necessary conditions are offered to decide whether a boolean function is a k - order quasi - bent function ; a special method is presented to construct the k - order quasi - bent functions , whose cryptographic properties are explored by the matrix method , which is different from the method of walsh spectrum and that of autocorrelation of boolean functions ; the application of this kind of boolean functions in the fields of stream cipher , communications and block ciphers is discussed , which shows the great importance of the fc - order quasi - bent functions ; some methodology are proposed to construct the k - order quasi - bent functions , including the complete construction by using the characteristic matrices of boolean functions , and the recursive method by two known k - order quasi - bent functions we further extend our investigation to the ring zp , where p is a prime , and the similar results are presented as far as the p - valued quasi - generalized - bent functions are considered
    本文首先综合运用概率论、代数学、数论等基础学科的理论知识,并以频谱理论作为主要研究工具,对一类谱值分布相对均匀的函数? ?广半bent函数、 k阶拟bent函数和p值k阶拟广义bent函数进行了系统、深入的研究,给出了广半bent函数定义,并探讨了广半bent函数的密码学性质;给出了k阶拟bent函数和p值k阶拟广义bent函数的定义及等价判别条件;讨论了k阶拟bent函数和p值k阶拟广义bent函数与部分bent函数和p值广义部分bent函数的关系,探讨了它们的密码学性质;给出了k阶拟bent函数和p值k阶拟广义bent函数的典型构造方法,并将对k阶拟bent函数的密码性质的研究转化到对一类特殊的矩阵的研究上;利用布尔函数的特征矩阵原则上给出了k阶拟bent函数的一种完全构造方法,还给出了从已有的p值k阶拟广义bent函数出发,递归构造变元个数更多的p值k阶拟广义bent函数的方法;初步探讨了k阶拟bent函数在序列密码、分组密码以及通信中的应用;给出了一类布尔函数walsh谱的分解式,并利用这类布尔函数的walsh谱分解式给出了一类近似稳定的布尔函数的构造,特殊情形下为k阶拟bent函数;利用代数数论的知识考察了p值k阶拟广义bent函数的谱特征,并给出了k阶拟广义bent函数与所有仿射函数的符合率特征等等。
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