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on the information of in Chinese

How to pronounce "on the information of""on the information of" in a sentence
  • 根据..., 告发
  • Agreeing to transfer directly based on the information of original certificate , the supervision or review will be carried out according to present period state of original certificate
  • With earth - moon transfer trajectory taken into account , this paper gives the deep space autonomous optical navigation algorithm based on the information of earth - moon
  • The readers and relying parties can base on the information of hongkong post certification authority cps to decide whether to trust hongkong post ca certificates and the digital signature of a hongkong post certificate subscriber
  • Fault diagnosis is mainly depend on the information of the breaker . because there is a corresponding between breaker and its protected area , we decide where is fault by making the intersection of protected areas of all the acting breakers
  • Many studies have been carried out on the toxicity of pollutants to aquatic animals , most of them are focused on the information of lethal concentrations , few have concerned the effects of sublethal concentration on the metabolism conditions
  • The robot can gain the accurate localization value consisting of position and orientation in the world coordinate system using the robot ’ s self - localization method based on the information of mark lines and the monte carlo localization method the thesis designs
  • It is a very complicated problem to estimate evapotranspiration ( et ) over a large area natural surface . based on the information of satellite remote sensing and geography , the natural surface is divided into 6 categories : water , bare soil , dense grass , partly grass covered , forest , bosk
    利用遥感资料求取ndvi ,依据ndvi和地理信息资料,将地表分成6类:水体、裸地区、草地?裸地区(有草覆盖但未完全覆盖) 、草地完全覆盖区、树林区、灌木丛区。
  • Mathematic model of collision avoidance judging based on the information of distance , relative velocity and azimuth angle is made in this paper , it can effectively avoid inveracious alert , and it analyzes the processing method of many kinds information in the system
  • The main work of the thesis is as follows : we design a novel omni - mirror more applicable in robocup , which is made up of an isomeric horizontal mirror and an isomeric vertical mirror and can make the resolution of the imaging of the objects near the robot on the field constant and make the distortion of the imaging of the objects far from the robot small in vertical direction ; we select a 1394 digital color camera and complete the development of its software program for data acquisition ; we design a image processing algorithm for the panoramic image , which can segment the image by color , extract the features of image fast and effectively and complete the recognization of target ; according the character of the imaging , we design a new fast hough transform algorithm for line detection , which can detect the white mark lines of the field realtimely , and then design a robot ’ s self - localization method based the mark lines , which only uses the information of omni - vision system ; finally we design a monte carlo localization method based on the information of omni - vision system and odometry , and present the localization results of two localization methods and analyze the experiment results and get the conclusions
  • This article has studied the deficiency and shortcoming of various kinds of methods of the parameter measurement of transmission line at present , proposed the measurement under operation on the basis of gps , researched gps application way and error that may appear in the power system synchronal sampling , put forward the parameter computing technology based on the information of both sides of transmission line , which solved some problems that exist in the parameter measurement , especially the problem that exist in the zero - sequence parameter measurement of transmission line with mutual inductance
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