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  1. Iterative Methods for Roots of Polynomials.
  2. 12. Smith ME, Silins J. Generalized iterative record linkage system.
  3. In terms of NAP financing, the need for additional resources and the amount required, will be determined in light of the iterative process above.
  4. The term 'rAs' refers to an iterative mathematical process, where 'A' is the coefficient form of the intermediate section of the ' Combined Use' matrix.
  5. Can J Aging 1987;6:217–27.
27. Tugwell P, Bennett K, Sackett D, Haynes R. The measurement iterative loop: a framework for the critical appraisal of needs, benefits and costs of health interventions.
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  7. The funding gaps and the arrangements for mobilization of additional resources will be identified as a result of a participatory and iterative process, in the context of the Government's decentralization policies.
  8. Currently, the UK SUTs at current prices are mostly balanced manually but a 'rAs' iterative procedure is used near to the end of the balancing process to ensure total supply equals total use for each product.
Joint Experimentation 
 Recent experiences have indicated that the introduction of revolutionary and even evolutionary information technology requires an iterative approach, with directed investigation, but this process must keep up with a required rapid pace of fielding.

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