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  1. In 1904, France and Spain carved out zones of influence in Morocco.
  2. "zone of influence, " and " buffer zones, " officials said.
  3. This was one of Assad's efforts to expand Syria's zone of influence to Iraq.
  4. Spain also gained a zone of influence in Northern Morocco which became Spanish Morocco.
  5. Zhirinovsky has said the three Baltic states should be part of Russia's zone of influence.
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  7. Africa is emerging from the old zones of influence,
  8. Greece could declare a zone of influence in the south, where a small Greek minority resides.
  9. Being so close to Venus, it is also the first asteroid discovered within Venus'zone of influence.
  10. When they emerge, they are powerless within her zone of influence and relatively easy to kill.
  11. So the Zone of Influence ( Zl ) for people in this range is 10 km.
  12. Of the seven known objects in Venus'zone of influence, is the largest at about 1, 400 metres.
  13. It includes several programs as well as a newscast devoted to Sincelejo and its zone of influence.
  14. The later stages of the war began with Culture strikes deep within the new Idiran zones of influence.
  15. Melilla was, however, in the Portuguese zone of influence under the terms of the 1479 Treaty of Alc徵ovaz.
  16. Little attention was paid to existing tribal confederations and zones of influence, when dividing up the Saharan interior.
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