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  1. Jurors'names and pictures have been zealously guarded by Ito.
  2. It relies on the police to protect law and order zealously.
  3. They zealously applied their metal detector to every single credit card.
  4. However, the private club zealously restricts access to its property.
  5. Osborne threw himself zealously into the work of rescuing the wounded.
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  7. They are an extremely closed society and zealously hide their rituals.
  8. It zealously guards the many customs and traditions of the tribe.
  9. But most authors and publishers zealously guard their copyrights to such sequels.
  10. But his field is the media, whose work he zealously polices.
  11. He guards his privacy zealously yet has written a scathingly revealing autobiography.
  12. The King family has always zealously guarded the MLK image.
  13. The regional Bell companies are zealously defending their local franchises.
  14. If the owner wants something, he pursues it zealously.
  15. Their hillside parking space was zealously guarded by faithful neighbors.
  16. What is wrong is zealously taking these steps to excess.
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