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  1. Yumiko Kurahashi died at the age of 69 of dilated cardiomyopathy.
  2. Don't ask Yumiko Sakurai how to cook rice.
  3. is a collection of short manga stories by Yumiko Kawahara.
  4. In contrast to Yumie, the Yumiko persona is shy and timid.
  5. Suzuki attended at news conference with his wife Yumiko.
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  7. Hence, the tube top started to slide down as Yumiko was dancing.
  8. is a manga series, written by Mann Izawa and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi.
  9. The music was composed by Takeshi Inoue, Yumiko Hashizume, and Noriyasu Agematsu.
  10. Further protection procedures would make the tube dress too tight for Yumiko to wear.
  11. She is the daughter of film actor Ken Watanabe and his first wife Yumiko.
  12. But Yumiko's continuing perplexity over Ikuo's death haunts her second marriage.
  13. "Very happy, " said Yumiko Nozawa . " Very honorable, too ."
  14. The goal is to seduce the star girl of the tennis club, Yumiko Shiraishi.
  15. The album also featured guest appearances by Yumiko Ohno of Buffalo Daughter and Sean Lennon.
  16. J0J00 ] 0K0o0hQ酺耂燫g0 ) and Yumiko Udo was the mediator for the 3rd consecutive year.
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