you should be here in a sentence

  1. Maybe you should be here making public policy.
  2. If you feel strong about this issue, you should be here to help.
  3. The album was listed among " Grammy Award for " You Should Be Here ".
  4. "Tab told me, ` We miss you, you should be here, "'he said.
  5. "You Should Be Here " reached number one on both the Country chart and number 67 on the Canadian Hot 100.
  6. It's difficult to find you should be here in a sentence.
  7. ""'You Should Be Here " "'is the second studio album by American country music artist Cole Swindell.
  8. ""'You Should Be Here " "'is the second and debut commercial mixtape by American singer and songwriter Kehlani.
  9. And Magic would be leaping to his feet, shouting to the fans at home, " You should be here ! " along with other shrieks of delight.
  10. She continues to perform and has recently released two new original projects; a single called " WELCOME " and a full CD entitled, " YOU SHOULD BE HERE ".
  11.  You Should Be Here'was well received internationally, gaining its first notoriety in the UK . The single gained favorable reviews from online Soul and Jazz music reviewers.
  12. "When you're trying to impress the team and trying to impress a coaching staff and a manager that has never seen you play, you should be here.
  13. Oh, boy, you should be here now . ( The pilot ) has his hands outside the fuselage and is sending the ship through curley cues with his knees alone.
  14. It was self-released through the iTunes Store on April 28, 2015 .'You Should Be Here'features guest appearances from Chance the Rapper and BJ the Chicago Kid.
  15. "Whoever decided you should be here obviously didn't want people, " referring to Serbs and Muslims " to get into touch with each other, " he said.
  16. Swindell has written singles for You Should Be Here " and " Middle of a Memory ", all of which have charted in the top 5 of Hot Country Songs and / or Country Airplay.
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