you should be glad in a sentence

  1. You should be glad you're not my wife ."
  2. And I said, Well, I think you should be glad.
  3. You should be glad a kid wants your autograph .'
  4. You should be glad . . . I effectively withdrew the complaint.
  5. You should be glad you didn't get a chance to take part in that.
  6. It's difficult to find you should be glad in a sentence.
  7. You should be glad it has mind of its own, even if it is infuriating.
  8. I told myself : " There are so many unemployed actors around, you should be glad you're working at all . "'
  9. You should be glad it is being displayed as when people read the article and see the logo in the future, they will think of you.
  10. Even though that's the truth, you should be glad that the players in the New England locker room don't see it that way.
  11. "Anytime you're about to play the defending national champions and No . 1 seed, you should be glad to be in the tournament.
  12. You should be glad to learn that Wikipedia already has an article for Marissa Jaret Winokur . contribs ) 04 : 23, 4 April 2008 ( UTC)
  13. It's been tough for your son ( whom you sired out of wedlock ) for several years now, but you should be glad to know that he is making real progress.
  14. As he often does, McCain approached the lobbyist issue with some humor, noting : " They do spend a lot of money while they're down here, so you should be glad.
  15. And when you've bought something from this shop, you should be glad that you've also contributed something to society, as the MRCS needs to raise funds to continue carrying out its activities.
  16. He can say whatever he wants in front of the camera and he can flash that insincere smile, but make no mistake : He hates Boston and he hates the Red Sox and you should be glad that he's gone.
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