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  1. But if you think " You Should Be Dancing, " go.
  2. He later performed in " You Should Be Dancing " at the National Concert Hall.
  3. Also in 1976, Stills played percussion on the Bee Gees'song " You Should Be Dancing ".
  4. All three then left the cars to combine to cover the Bee Gees'" You Should Be Dancing ".
  5. The driving disco rhythm to " Bond'77 " is very similar to the Bee Gees'1976 single " You Should Be Dancing ".
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  7. A rising set of mirrors gives the audience an overhead and rear view of the dancers during " You Should be Dancing ."
  8. The first single from the album was " You Should Be Dancing " ( which features percussion work by musician Stephen Stills ).
  9. Another song, a rendition of You Should Be Dancing, was released by Psycho Teddy ( whose name in the song is DJ Teddy Z ).
  10. The first single, " You Should Be Dancing ", went to No . 1 in the US and Canada, and was a top ten hit in numerous other territories.
  11. There are techno versions of You Should Be Dancing ( Three ` N One ), Tragedy ( Whirlpool Productions ), World ( Marusha ) and Juliet ( 3 Deep ).
  12. Minogue didn't feature in the Autumn ad due to her pregnancy, she did feature in the Christmas ad with Peter Kay which featured the Bee Gees'" You Should Be Dancing ".
  13. The last track, " Decadance " was a new remix of the classic No . 1 hit " You Should Be Dancing ", which was included only in the European version of the album.
  14. Follow-up singles included The Shadows'" Tequila ", Billy Joe and the Checkmates'" Percolator ", Joe Buffalo's Band's " Slag Solution ", and Gene Farrow With G . F . Band's " You Should Be Dancing ".
  15. There were four tracks off the album that reached the UK Top 10; " How Deep Is Your Love ", " More Than A Woman ", " Stayin'Alive ", and " You Should Be Dancing ".
  16. And in the mid-1970s, they surged to even greater popularity as they rode Miami funk rhythms and falsetto harmonies to some of the biggest hits of the disco era, among them " You Should Be Dancing " and " Stayin'Alive ."
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