you shoot in a sentence

"you shoot" in Chinese  
  1. You can win a lot of games when you shoot like this.
  2. Nowadays you shoot through customs with a wave of your American passport.
  3. The key when you shoot the gap is to grab the legs.
  4. Your pride is hurt a bit when you shoot in the eighties.
  5. You shoot a lot of bullets in games like the first one.
  6. It's difficult to find you shoot in a sentence.
  7. And you shoot 274 and win by three when you do that.
  8. I think you better look for another job is you shoot par,
  9. You shoot a lot of things when you do a video.
  10. This is a good walk unspoiled, no matter what you shoot.
  11. It makes it easy when you shoot the ball so well.
  12. It really makes you shoot your best shot all the time.
  13. How can you shoot at your own citizens and be indifferent?
  14. If you shoot towards the north the deflection will be eastward.
  15. When you shoot, you hit the yellow things ( targets ).
  16. In warmups, you shoot them and it seems like 15 feet,
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