yellowish in a sentence

"yellowish" meaning  "yellowish" in Chinese  
  1. She swallows three yellowish oval tablets of mifepristone and goes home.
  2. Avoid yellowish heads, which are on their way to blooming.
  3. Q : Large areas of my lawn are yellowish and stunted.
  4. There is one yellowish photograph of the Thames, for example.
  5. Broken glass glistened beneath a dark sky and yellowish street lamps.
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  7. The bill of a juvenile will be mostly orange or yellowish.
  8. The base color is pale yellowish or buffy above and below.
  9. The chest and sides vary from yellowish white to rich tans.
  10. This bird has yellowish legs and a short thin dark bill.
  11. They show themselves as yellowish-white milia ( milkspots ).
  12. Both mandibles are yellowish and there is no red shoulder patch.
  13. They are generally yellowish with a pattern of brown oblique bars.
  14. Adults were darker than the more paler and yellowish younger seals.
  15. Its fur is yellowish brown with paler sides and white underparts.
  16. The flowers are small, yellowish, produced on a inflorescence.
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