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  1. The queen is yellowish red to dark black and is 7.5-9.0 mm.
  2. Mandibles are yellowish red, and mesonotum, epinotum and node are red.
  3. Their colour varies from light yellow to yellowish red.
  4. All that remains is bare flooded and yellowish red soil periodically spotted with dead standing trees.
  5. The soft fur is very variable in color, ranging from yellowish red to very dark brown.
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  7. The concentric zones can have a variety of colors-ranging from yellowish red to a dark brown.
  8. Lee said, looking at the wide trading board full of yellowish red lights showing shares moving up.
  9. Many of the clayey subsoils are red or yellowish red due to the oxidized iron weathered from the primary minerals.
  10. In an e-mail, the company offered two examples from the Color Talk's speaker : vivid yellowish red and dark greenish blue.
  11. To this day, the bluff matches Lewis and Clark's description of it as " composed of a yellowish red, and brownish clay as hard as chalk ."
  12. Typically, a weathering rind may be enriched with either iron or manganese ( or both ), and silica, and oxidized to a yellowish red to reddish color.
  13. The subsoil may be yellowish red sandy clay loam ( Orangeburg series ), yellowish brown sandy clay loam ( Norfolk series ), or strong brown sandy clay ( Marlboro series ).
  14. The forewing is strongly tinged with yellowish red, and therefore almost the same colour as the hindwing, the latter bears strongly reduced dots; South Europe, North Africa, local .  " placida"
  15. Large strong insects, the marking of which, on a black ground, corresponds to that of " Jemadia ", but the colour of the bands is a lighter or darker yellowish red, often with a brownish tint.
  16. As the carbon dioxide escaped, the ferrous salt absorbed oxygen from the air and the hydrated ferric oxide separated as a " yellowish red turbidity, " which settled after a short period, leaving behind a clear brine.
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