yellowish greens in a sentence

"yellowish greens" in Chinese  
  1. The larvae have a yellowish green body and a black head.
  2. The larvae are yellowish green and may have dark lateral lines.
  3. The larvae have a light green body and yellowish green head.
  4. It is semitransparent, whitish and faintly tinged with yellowish green.
  5. They are light green when young, turning yellowish green later.
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  7. The flowers have yellowish green tepals and appear in late spring.
  8. The larvae have a yellowish green body and light brown head.
  9. Yellowish green in spring, the leaves turn dark green by summer.
  10. The nape is blue-grey and the crown is yellowish green.
  11. The belly is yellowish green and lightly mottled with black.
  12. The relatively smooth shell epidermis is colored brown to dull yellowish green.
  13. The yellowish green belly is often lighter than the dorsum.
  14. The caterpillar is yellowish green and 16 18 mm long.
  15. The underside of the body and wings is yellowish green.
  16. They are bright yellowish green above the spiracles, with yellow tubercles.
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