yellowish green in a sentence

"yellowish green" meaning  "yellowish green" in Chinese  
  1. Their color is light yellowish green, but may turn red when mature.
  2. The linear mine is pale yellowish green to pale brown and semitransparent.
  3. The female almost similar with red-marked green forecrown and yellowish green cheek.
  4. There are irregular patches of glossy, yellowish green scales behind the costa.
  5. This stone is translucent to opaque, and green to yellowish green color.
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  7. The relatively smooth shell epidermis is colored brown to dull yellowish green.
  8. The stem and midribs are yellowish green, and the laminae dark green.
  9. The larvae have a yellowish green body and a black head.
  10. The flowers have yellowish green tepals and appear in late spring.
  11. The larvae have a yellowish green body and light brown head.
  12. Hundreds of stacks filled with a yellowish green liquid line rows of shelves.
  13. The larvae have a light green body and yellowish green head.
  14. Yellowish green in spring, the leaves turn dark green by summer.
  15. Culm sheath is yellowish green in young plants turns straw colored when mature.
  16. The red tubular flowers, flaring open with yellowish green tips, are most unusual.
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