yellowing in a sentence

"yellowing" meaning  "yellowing" in Chinese  
  1. In the bar the walls are yellowing and stained with smoke.
  2. Maybe it's the soft light through the yellowing leaves.
  3. We have to water the plant constantly due to yellowing leaves.
  4. There should be no brown or yellowing tips on the needles.
  5. Remove the spent flowers regularly and clip off any yellowing leaves.
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  7. This disease manifests by yellowing at the base of the needles.
  8. This is accompanied by a yellowing or browning of the solid.
  9. There is something a little musty, like old yellowing notes.
  10. She continues to turn the wrinkled, yellowing pages of the scrapbook.
  11. Yellowing or wilting foliage can also mean too much water.
  12. There is a sheaf of them, thick and yellowing and unread.
  13. The first symptom of the disease is yellowing grass blades.
  14. The paper is yellowing, the plastic over it cracked.
  15. The scent was of marijuana, not the must of yellowing books.
  16. It is full of old movie stills and yellowing logbooks.
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