yellowing paper in a sentence

  1. June's eyes search through yellowing papers she has just carried to the kitchen table.
  2. This much data in the form of yellowing paper would take up a good chunk of garage space.
  3. Around them is wrapped a long roll of fragile, yellowing paper with 150, 000 signatures from around the country.
  4. On those days, she looks up at a yellowing paper taped to the wall with these type-written lines:
  5. The cache of yellowing papers was found by Interior Ministry workers cleaning the vault of a now-defunct state development bank in Buenos Aires, La Nacion newspaper reported Friday.
  6. It's difficult to find yellowing paper in a sentence.
  7. But even better than a funeral program and a list of speakers who stood and spoke of Kagawa's life, Ingersoll has 73 years of personal history, handwritten on yellowing paper.
  8. The covers are bold and eye-catching, and the new editions are all printed on non-yellowing paper with bigger type0than esponse to the aggressive marketing efforts of the Modern Library, as well as Oxford's extensive historical and critical addendum.

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